The IO Europe conference series is back for the 9th year - Delivering Effects through Influence Activity...

With over 150 attendees in 2009, the Information Operations Europe conference series, now in its 9th year, is the best attended and most influential meeting of its kind in the world.

It is here that the world’s leading figures from the Influence, Psychological Operations, Strategic Communications and Public Diplomacy communities gather to share new conceptual thinking, policy updates and key Lessons Learned from ongoing Information campaigns.

Discussions will shed new light on the following crucial issues:

  • Target Audience engagement and message delivery technique
  • The employment of New and Social Media for influence activity and harnessing all available assets
  • The coordination of messages between different “information actors” in the global media environment
  • The Measurement of Effect of information campaigns
  • The relationship between PsyOps, IO and Strategic Communication

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With these themes in mind, we asked senior commanders from across the world to select and nominate their most innovative projects and insightful guest speakers for this year’s Information Operations Europe conference… here are some of the results:

What Did People Say About Previous IO Europe Conferences?

“Easily the best IO conference, period”
William Ettinger, 1st IO Command, US Army
“Very valuable. Hearing briefs from selected speakers will greatly help my future work efforts. The networking opportunities are invaluable to my job.”
Linda Tilghman, JIO WC, US Strategic Command
“This event is well established and provided valuable insight into the ways some other nations operate, their successes & challenges.”
Maj Christopher Stewardson, Canadian Forces
“Terribly important to bring this community of experts together to share broad views & experiences while addressing specific influence topics that have relevance in our profession.”
Lt Col Rieka Stroh, US Special Operations Command
“Valuable in terms of a synergistic collection of IO practitioners and sharing lessons and theory & thereby enriching the groups knowledge base.”
Lt Col Todd Mercer, NATO Allied JFC Naples

2010 Speakers Include:


Visit the IO Community Download Centre for Free Articles, Podcast Interviews and Presentations Including:

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You can also download over 15 free articles from the US Army War College and first hand perspectives from leading IO thought leaders.

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Of course, the briefings scheduled in the agenda are only half the story! A key feature of the IO Europe conference is the networking. The meeting is attended by the leading thinkers from across the world and the opportunity to leverage expertise from your counterparts is invaluable. Many of the most valuable conversations take place in the corridors and meeting rooms over informal lunches and coffee breaks.


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Check our IO Community download centre for relevant information and documents

Pre-Conference Workshop Day

IO Planning Scenarios and War Games: Operating Theatre Afghanistan

Chaired by Simon Bergman, Director, Information Options Designed by Lt Col Saar Raveh (Res), IDF and Colonel, Dr. Barak Ben-Tzur (Res), IDF

Who attends IO Europe?

See who attended in 2009

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