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  • Claire Spencer, communications campaigns experts
  • Claire Spencer is CEO of I to I Research and a specialist in developing communications campaigns. She walks us through her experience of developing accurate opinion polls in Afghanistan and the areas she perceives as being the most challenging in both researching information and delivering results effectively. Claire will be speaking on Day Two of the conference and presenting new and highly anticipated research on Afghan futures.

  • Matt Armstrong, lecturer and strategist
  • Matt is an IO expert, and instructs in the field of diplomacy and strategic communication. He speaks to us on the subject of the China-Google dispute, the role of culture in conflict prevention and resolution, and the line at which PR becomes Propaganda. Visit Matt's blog at

    Read the full transcript Matt Armstrong

  • Prof. Philip Taylor, Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds
  • Philip is a lecturer in International Communications for civilian and military forums, and has published 13 books on subjects ranging from diplomacy, influence and foreign affairs. He talks candidly about the failings of modern information campaigns and why he foresees coalition troops having to remain in Afghanistan for years to come to prevent future fallout.

    Read the full transcript Philip Taylor

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Pre-Conference Workshop Day

IO Planning Scenarios and War Games: Operating Theatre Afghanistan

Chaired by Simon Bergman, Director, Information Options Designed by Lt Col Saar Raveh (Res), IDF and Colonel, Dr. Barak Ben-Tzur (Res), IDF

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